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Entrio raised a VC investment and begins international expansion!

Entrio is the fastest-growing regional ticketing agency with a decade of experience in the Croatian and SEE event market. We sell tickets and help various organizers achieve better results with less effort. Festivals, concerts, conferences, theatre plays, stand-up performances, matches, educations... You name it! 

Since 2018. we operate on the Slovenian local market as well, and right now we are about to start our wider, international expansion to new markets across Europe and across the globe.

Last year our whole event market collapsed, but not only did we manage to pivot our business model and upgrade Entrio platform to virtual events with streaming and videconferencing functionalities, but we raised a VC investment and are starting our international expansion. That's why we need YOU on-board to help us speed-up our exciting journey. šŸ˜Š We pivoted Entrio to all-round platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events which artists, performers, business people, and organizers of all kinds can use to sell their tickets, manage attendees and deliver both simple, as well as very complex events of all kinds. We created a pretty unique platform for ticket sales, live streaming, video conferencing, and video on demand - all under one seamless experience

We are focused on internet sales and continuously introduce innovations and trends in ticket sales, internet sales, and digital marketing. We are a team of young people driven by a desire to create, learn and progress through fun. A huge challenge is in front of us, but we finally got a big opportunity to make an international success, with our experience and powerful platform that we are building for 10 years now. 

Are we afraid? Let's be honest, it won't be easy. But, will we succeed? Absolutely! If you like challenges just like we do, let's write the greatest chapter in Entrio story together and let's set some new trends in global event industry!

Do you think you can handle this?

We challenge you!

We are young, enthusiastic event experts and music and culture lovers. Some of us have previous experience in event organization and some are real partygoers. The core team working in our Zagreb office currently consists of 10 different but very similar guys and girls. We are more friends than colleagues. When we add our Slovenian colleagues and external part-time associates, we are bigger than a football team :) As we are hiring, our core team will soon grow to 15 people. 

We are all driven by the same creative energy and a common goal of innovation and setting new tech trends in the event industry. We can't wait to celebrate everyoneā€™s birthdays and often have a spontaneous mini office parties. As soon as you step into our office, you will be overwhelmed by a positive and friendly vibe. And several bad jokes :P We aren't afraid of the challenges and most importantly - no one here is afraid of Monday. Here's a picture if you don't believe us... :)

Pleased to meet you!

Entrio team

Photo ofSonja Trajanovski

Sonja Trajanovski

Marketing manager

Photo ofMarko Matulić

Marko Matulić

Sales / Project manager

Photo ofIrena Turić

Irena Turić

Customer support specialist

Photo ofMario Marić

Mario Marić

Knowledge manager

Photo ofNina Vrdoljak

Nina Vrdoljak

Sales / Project manager

Photo ofAdmir Sinani

Admir Sinani

Sales / Project manager

Photo ofZrinka Bockovac

Zrinka Bockovac

Digital marketing specialist

Photo ofNikola Å injori

Nikola Å injori

PHP developer

Photo ofMateo TiŔljar

Mateo TiŔljar

PHP developer

This is how we do it:

  • Professionally
  • Proactively 
  • Precisely 
  • Efficiently
  • Ethically
  • Responsibly
  • Transparently
  • As a team
  • With some great music playing in the background
  • With lots of fun, good pranks and some bad jokes :P

Who let the dogs out?


The happiest and youngest member of our team is our lab, Ela. šŸ¾ We must admit, we didn't ask her to show us her resume or cover letter. Don't tell anybody, but she wasnā€™t even at a job interview. She just found herself in the right place at the right time. Okay, she was in the wrong place for a couple of months, but we fixed that too. We managed to fight for her, change her sad fate and make her life a pure joy.

Ela spends every day in the office, makes mess, and sometimes barks to warn us about the bad and dangerous postman :) If you're nervous or in a bad mood, just complain to her. She will always have time for you. Sometimes she just kisses you, and sometimes you have to give her a hug and a cookie to leave you alone. Hope you're not afraid of the dogs!

Office vibe

Good vibes only...

Our modern, cozy, and pet-friendly office is located in the heart of Zagreb's business zone, near Radnička street, 10 minutes walk from the main bus station. 

All workplaces have more than enough space, everyone gets a laptop, extra monitor, good headphones with noise cancellation and all you need to enjoy your time in office. 

Most of the time we all have lunch together which usually results in crying with laughter.

And after a good lunch and a portion of laughter, we drink the finest coffee in the 'hood. No lie, some people didnā€™t like coffee at all, but our coffee machine made them become addicted.

Our entertainment lab is here:

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